Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sewing Machine Recommendations?

This question is for all my sewing friends.....posted the question on Facebook as well, but I'm guessing I have a different audience here in blogworld.  

I'm in the market to replace my dying Singer (that was my grandmother's). I need a basic, reasonably priced machine - preferably not computerized. I'd like it to be sturdy with metal parts and gears inside (if possible) rather than made full of plastic. I don't need lots of fancy stitches and want one that is easy to operate/maintain that has a good track record and will last a long time.  Mom & I saw a demo of a Husqvarna Viking machine at JoAnn that seemed like a good option, but I'm trying to cover all my bases. 



Miss G said...

If I buy a machine I'm pretty sure it will be a bernina hands down. They're expensive but from everything I've heard, they're the best working and most fuss free. I am looking for a used one. Kelly

BECKY said...

How funny, i just ot a new machine for xmas. I wanted just what you listed and i got a singer talent. It looks good and has great reviews. I can let you know in a decade how it held up!