Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garage Makeover

For Christmas, one of the things on my dad's wish list was a Garage Makeover. He would buy supplies, if the gift giver would plan the redesign and provide the labor. So, my sister, brother-in-law and I decided to give it to him.

At Thanksgiving, I started taking measurements and planning. The garage really was in pretty good shape in comparison to lots of others as both of their cars fit into the garage. It was organized, but there was just too much stuff and space utilization was not ideal.

So, for Christmas, Daddy received blueprints of the plan for his approval and a shopping list. We hit the after Christmas sale at Lowe's and got three new heavy duty shelving units and a couple of sets of ladder hangers.

This weekend, we all descended on the garage and got busy.



We even had a little helper at the end.



Karen said...

What a great idea for a gift. I know your dad loves it.

Lana said...

Thanks so much -- the makeover is wonderful -- even if we will have to hunt a bit for something we know we had!! But best of all was being all together for a few days!