Saturday, May 23, 2009

I fought the holly bushes.....and WON!

So this morning, I worked in the yard.  Mowed, edged, and weeded.  Then the fun began.

When I moved into my house, this is what the front looked like.  See that wall of holly bushes?  They have bothered me for quite a while......they are too big for the house, too prickly, to hard to keep up.  So, today, while it still isn't quite summertime hot, I decided to do something about them.

Here is the pile of trimmings mid-project:

And the view of the house, mid-project. 

And the finished front view......the 7 holly bushes are gone, as well as a sick tree that was being taken over by honeysuckle.  A huge thank you goes out to my neighbor Scott and his son Dylan for helping with the final cleanup.  Scott trimmed down remains to stumps and cut down the tree for me. 

and the HUGE pile of brush remains ready for pickup.

Now all that remains is finding someone to dig out the stumps and prepare it all for replanting.  Oh, and deciding what is going back in.  Something smaller and easier to maintain.  I've got some ideas, but do any of you?


Mae said...

I LOVE rhodedendrons and azaleas (or however you spell them!) They are easy to maintain and have BEAUTIFUL blooms. Good job on getting those prickly plants out!

That Girl said...

Holly bushes are one think that I DON'T miss about my old house. What a job!

Lana said...

WOW! What a difference! Can't wait to see what magic you pull off -- eventually.

Miss G said...

Jenni, you are TRULY AMAZING!!! Seriously, I am amazed by what you do! This is greatness! What about hydrangeas or geraniums? Just a thought. Kelly

Miss G said...

p.s. I love azaleas too like Mae. Kelly