Thursday, January 01, 2009

New York .... part 1

My family went to NYC for Christmas this year....with Emily's birth and their move this summer, we couldn't do our normal summer we decided to go at Christmas.  We all decided that, while it was fun, we like our Christmases at home, so we won't be doing that again.

There are LOTS of strap yourself in.  This might take a couple of posts.

Emily's first ride on a BIG plane......she did pretty well!

First stop after checking in to the hotel and bundling up.....Gray's Papaya! Still pretty cheap, though the price for the "recession special" has gone up!  Two hot dogs plus drink for $4.75.

Look how cute Emily is in her snowbear and vintage knit cap from the mid-1970s!!  This was how she enjoyed NYC most days.  And she did great - very calm and even slept a good bit in the Baby Bjorn.

Sisters and Emily waiting for the Staten Island Ferry on Christmas Eve.....

Riding the Staten Island Ferry -- to bad it was foggy that day!  Oh least it was free!

Emily is so smart, she has even learned how to read a map!!  Here she is helping Pearlie and Aunt Jenni figure out where we need to get off the subway to head for Little Italy.....too bad the restaurant to which we were headed (Lombardi's) closed early for Christmas Eve!!

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Miss G said...

I know what you mean. Our new year's trip was fun too but I don't know if I want to do Christmas to New Year's trips back to back making it a ten day stretch every year!

So glad Emily did well. She is so adorable! I like your striped hat too! Where did you get that?

Yea for Gray's Papaya! Funny that the recession special has gone up since we need prices lower now than we did last time we were there. :)

Bummer, bummer on Lombardi's closing. We ran into some restaurants closed for the holidays too while we were traveling. Guess you can't blame them but bummer for the tourists. Kelly