Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Burp Cloths

My friend Erin at work just had her second baby girl....she asked me to make her another set of burp cloths for miss Caroline.....so, here they are!

I love these froggies!!

Erin picked out this sock monkey fabric -- it is too fun! I bought extra so that I can make more of these in the future.

I must say a HUGE thank you to my friend Jaime for revolutionizing the way I cut out my fabric. She is a quilter and was working on piecing during our scrapbook retreat a few weekends ago. We talked about using the rotary cutter and mat for me to cut my fabric! I hadn't thought about that at all. I had been pinking the edges which probably wasn't doing as much good as I thought, plus it about killed my thumb - and I couldn't cut a straight line! So, this time around I used my rotary cutter and it was fantastic! So much better. So, thank you, thank you, thank you Jaime!!!


SG said...

Too cute! I don't need burp clothes anymore :{ What kind of rotary cutter did you buy?

Whitney said...

Those are super cute!

Keri said...

So fun!! :) I love those.