Sunday, June 04, 2006

New York City

Ok, here it is, the much promised post about New York City -- I'll just post a few of the almost 300 photos here....the link above should take you to my Snapfish photo album if you want to see more. (I'm having issues with Blogger uploading, maybe later!)

We left Friday evening after being delayed about an hour. So, with the time change, by the time we landed, collected our bags, and found our driver for the trip to the hotel, it was about 1:30 am when we checked into our Holiday Inn. We crashed pretty quick and made plans to sleep in a little bit to try and catch up.

Saturday morning we got up and were on the road about 10:30 -- we rode the subway down to Soho and traipsed through Soho, Greenwich Village, Chinatown and Little Italy. We stopped walking for a bite to eat at Lombardi's on Spring Street. Yummm!!

We walked through a few flea markets and Washington Square Park before heading back to our hotel to change clothes before going to see Drumstruck - a truly amazing interactive African drum show. You gotta check it out!

Sunday we went to church at Manhattan church -- where I was able to catch up with a friend that I went to school with from 5th grade through college! He and his wife moved to NY for him to attend graduate school (at Columbia, I believe) and Brandon now works at the NY Stock Exchange. It was great to see a familiar face.

We walked from church to EJ's Luncheonette for a yummy brunch - crunchy french toast, belgian waffle w/chocolate chips and an omelette. It was great. We spent the rest of the day shopping and exploring sites from the movie "You've Got Mail" -- which Kelly and I can both quote. It was so fun to see those things in real life!

Monday we decided to rest our tired feet and jumped on a Gray Line tour bus. We rode the Uptown loop first - up by Central Park, Lincoln Center, through Harlem, the upper east side, Museum Mile and the Central Park zoo. We hopped off to do some shopping on 5th Avenue, rested for a bit in Bryant Park, then got on the Night Tour bus. Got off near Macy's in Herald Square and rode the historic wooden escalators.

Tuesday we had to pack up and get ready to head home. But we had time to ride the Downtown loop on the Gray Line bus, visit the World Trade Center site and see the 9-11 exhibit in the church across the street. (The church, by the way, was not damaged AT ALL with the planes crashing and the buildings collapsing. Not even a pane of glass cracked. I believe it was the hand of God protecting that building to allow it to be used so extensively by rescue workers during the search and recovery efforts.) Then back on the bus and through the rest of the Downtown loop.

We got off at Central Park south and caught a cab to the famous Serendipity restaurant -- a yummy lunch followed by a decadent Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. Oh my. It was delightful! We walked back from Serendipity to our hotel -- picked up our bags and caught a cab to the airport.

Whew - just writing it all down makes me tired again!


That Girl said...

I would LOVE to do Serendipity! I so loved that movie! I sound like a Valley Girl!

Allyson said...

Aww, yay! I spent Easter 2005 at Manhattan C of C. Did you know that LP's parents got married there??

jettybetty said...

That sounds toooo fun!

Karen said...

Sounds like a great trip! I hope we get to do a trip to NYC some day.

Erica said...

I am so glad you got some well deserved time away with some good friends. I look forward to viewing the pictures later. The cold hot chocolate from Serendipity is delicious. One of my friends got it from her mother-in-law at Christmas one year and she let me have some...I could have had that every day. Too bad it is not fat free. Oh well, it is definitely one of life's guilty pleasures.

Little Light said...

Jenni, I enjoyed your pictures. It's always interesting to see NYC from someone the viewpoint of someone who doesn't live here.