Saturday, January 14, 2006

Work, work, work

Well, after a busy, busy week, it's now a busy weekend. I'm so looking forward to a weekend (hopefully soon?!?) where I can sleep in and just do nothing - or at least whatever I want to do rather than what I need to do for work.

Last night was our monthly Craft & Hobby night at church -- usually I pack up all my stuff and go be creative. Last night I packed up my laptop and papers from work and sat and worked until about midnight. I would have worked all evening anyway, so it was nice to be able to hang out with good friends and pass the time a little easier.

This morning I am up to go donate platelets at the annual donation marathon. Then back to sit and work the rest of the day. Yech. But, it needs to get done. And it will get done. And things will get better - and it will be soon. Thankfully.

Another item for the agenda this weekend is firming up my 'talk' for our ladies' retreat. The cochairs have asked several ladies from the church to speak - the theme this year is "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Faith" so it really is about sharing our faith story. I've got 15 minutes and need to get a script finalized by Wed. So, any thoughts or prayers you could send my way would be appreciated. This is the first time I've done anything like this, so I'm kinda nervous.

Gotta run -- happy weekend blog-friends!!


Amy said...

Wow, you are busy girl! I used to be in your field of work and yes, this is definitely busy season.

I'll look forward to reading about your retreat talk! Sounds like a great subject.

R Debenport said...

Jenni - good luck on your preparation for your retreat talk. I actually just finished my blurb for your Traveling Faith retreat - my familiar face will be coming soon to a retreat near you :)