Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Mother's Day

As Facebook is flooded with photos and posts around Mother's Day this weekend, I need to say out loud that I have a love/not-so-much-love relationship with Mother's Day.   

I love my mother and greatly appreciate all that she has done and continues to do for me.

I love my grandmothers and am so thankful for the legacy they leave with me.

I love my sister and see and appreciate the way that she mothers my two spectacular nieces - even (or especially) on the hard days.

I love my aunts and cousins who are mothers and see and appreciate their relationship with their kids.

I have many, many friends that are mothers. They are smart and funny and kind and are raising their kids to be the same.

Then, things get fuzzy and painful.....

I think of my friends who lost their mothers too young.  Or even later in life.

I think of friends who have uneasy relationships with their mother. Or no relationship at all.

I think of my friends who have lost children.  As my great-grandmother Trietschie once said, "mothers aren't supposed to bury their kids."

I think of my friends who have never been able to have any babies at all.  Or not the second or third (or more) that they had planned. 

I think of my friends who, like me, desperately long to be a mother, but have yet to find their husband with which to start a family. (and please don't spend your effort trying to convince me how you can be a mom without a husband. I know it can happen - it is not on my radar).

And Mother's Day somehow becomes another somewhat ridiculous, fake holiday that often hurts more than it helps.....


Jim Trietsch said...

Love you.

Heather said...

I always appreciate your honesty. It puts things on my radar that aren't, but should be. Love you!

Lisa Cavin said...

Great post. Thought-provoking, as expected.