Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekend with Anna

Back when Emily was almost 3 1/2, she came for a weekend visit to my house in Richardson.  Now that Anna is about the same age, I started thinking about scheduling a fun weekend for us too.  And since I live in the same town and see her much more often, I decided that we needed to get away from the normal pace a bit. Plus, a visit to Build-a-Bear was part of Emily's weekend and I wanted to do the same with Anna.

So, Friday I took a half day from work and picked Anna up after lunch at home.  She's never ridden in my car before, so the first thing she said was how "amazing" my car is!  I packed snacks and few of the toys that I keep at my house for the car ride.  One is a mini etch-a-sketch.  Mom still has ours from growing up and Anna commented that it was "just like Pearlie's, only smaller."

We drove to Ft Worth and checked into the hotel. Then it was time to head out for the first part of our adventure!

We headed over to Ridgemar Mall - home of the closest Build-a-Bear to Abilene.  Anna, not surprisingly, picked out a puppy.  And, as I did with Emily, we put in two hearts - one solid red and one gingham - one for me and one for her!  Meet Spot (I talked her out of naming him Snoopy 2).

They also had a pretty great playground and carousel, so we spent a bunch of time playing.... 

We headed to eat dinner and then back to the hotel for the night.  A bit of a challenge getting a 3-year old to sleep in a not dark nor quiet I tried everything I could think of.

The eye mask trick didn't work, but turning off the TV completely and me sitting quietly next to her on the bed finally allowed her to settle and go to sleep.

This morning we headed out for day two of the the Forest Park Miniature Train! We had to wait about 45 minutes once we got there before the first train left, but Anna was a trooper and didn't even complain about waiting. She loves trains so this was a grand adventure.  Through the first part of the ride she was pretty quiet and reserved.  Then she sat in my lap the last half and really came to life. 

After the train, we tried to find the duck pond in Trinity Park and drove through the Botanical Garden trying to find a place for Anna to "run and play in the sun" but everything was packed. So, we spent a little time walking through the Montgomery Street Antique Mall (Anna found lots of "treasures" that did NOT come home with us) then drove past Pearlie's junior high (Stripling). Since Anna was bound and determined to play, we found a neighborhood park for her to swing and slide and run.

By this time, I was starving even though Anna kept telling me that she wasn't ready for lunch.  We were close to a family favorite spot - the original location of Kincaid's Hamburgers on Camp Bowie - and thankfully it was after the super busy lunch rush.  A burger for me and grilled cheese for Anna - with a chocolate shake to share! - and we were ready to hit the road back to Abilene.

Home in time to eat supper, run in the yard a bit more, a long playtime bath and then bedtime for Anna.  Can't say that I'll be far behind her!  I don't have quite all that 3 year old energy!  But I sure am thankful for the time I am being able to spend with these sweet girls now as they are young. I know we are building a great foundation for a sweet lifetime love and friendship.

And in a strange twist of coincidence, Anna chose to wear the EXACT same dress for Sunday morning church that Emily wore when she came for her visit.  


Jim Trietsch said...

Looks like such a fun time.

Miss G said...

Oh this is so neat and what a gift your record of the weekend will be for each of them when they're older! Thanks for sharing it with us! Kelly

the Whitelaws said...

So fun, Jenni! Can't wait to see how the relationships grow over the years. And, love the dress coincidence!

That Girl said...

Don't you just love being an aunt? I'm a little sad that Rusty and Dalton have very few, if any, memories of our trips together but I sure do! Those boys have made my life wonderful!