Sunday, October 20, 2013

15 Years

Just finished a busy ACU Homecoming weekend ..... it was my 15 year reunion, so it was extra special.  Friday I took off work to prepare for my houseful of guests.  Enjoyed lunch at Bogie's with Mollie and Sara, then Sara and I ran a few errands. Katie met us at Rosa's for dinner before we headed to the Sullivan's house for our casual dessert reception.  The crowd was small, but it was good conversation time catching up.  Sarah met us at the Sullivan's and Dara joined us at home later.  Fun evening catching up again with my girls!

Saturday morning dawned bright and early (and cold!) for the parade.

hanging out - waiting for the parade to start

Sara, Sarah, Katie, Mollie/Mattie, Astrid/Laura, Jenni/Anna

Some of the girls went on to chapel after the parade and then we all came back to my house for lunch - with the addition of Kristen (who drove in on Saturday morning).  A yummy lunch of Hickory Street Cafe's famous chicken salad and zucchini bread, then we all split to enjoy our afternoon pursuits - some to the football game, some to visit other friends and family.

Then it was time to get ready for our reunion dinner.  It was held at the 181 Pine Event Center - songs, laughter, Sing Song memories, truths of God's faithfulness shared, and photo booth silliness rounded out the evening.  Here are a few snaps:

Such a fun idea - and so thankful Katie has a box full of props!  It was a relatively small crowd - looking forward to more of my classmates making it back for our 20 year. Then ACU had a post-reunion dessert concert and fireworks back on campus.  It was a fun way to mix and mingle with folks from other reunion years and enjoy some yummy treats.

After church this morning, everyone scattered to head back home and I've been crashed out on the couch most of the day in between transferring loads of sheets and towels -- I do LOVE having guests, but there is a bit of work to do putting the house back together when they all leave.


Sarah B said...

Great recap! I'm always thankful for your hospitality. And know I would have GLADLY done laundry and such rather than the drive home....made longer by the 20 min power nap in the parking lot of the Cisco DQ because I was TOO tired to keep my eyes open! Crazy. Nap helped but I stopped more than usual to keep me alert which made for an extra long drive home and a LONG day. But it was a wonderful weekend :)

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Love those weekends! It looks like a fun one.

I wonder how many naps have been taken in the Cisco DQ parking lot over the years? My guess is quite a few :)