Sunday, March 31, 2013

Abilene house photos

So, I guess it is about time to share some photos of my new house.  There are still plenty of decorating projects to be done, but here are some shots that give you a glimpse....

kitchen (from the laundry room)

master bedroom

master bedroom

guest bedroom

office/secondary guest room

living room

living room

living room/dining room

living room

laundry room

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ten on Ten - March 2013

I'm finally in my new enjoy some peeks.....maybe one day soon I'll have time to take real photos and give you all a full tour of the house.  :-)

after 6 months of transition, finally back in my own bed!

one view from the couch in my new house

doing the first real loads of laundry in the new house

8 foot ladder now hangs on the garage wall

spent part of the afternoon switching out traditional incandescent flood lights for more sleek, energy efficient LED  recessed lights

my fancy new tech-y thermostat.....still learning how to use it, but I LOVE being able to control it from my iPhone

shelves assembled in the garage for a place to keep up with the sorted recycling

finally stopped for leftover BBQ chicken pizza from Schlotzsky's

catching up on money stuff and NCIS:LA

one of my favorite springtime sweet treats - I *try* to limit myself to these only at Easter time

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