Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ten on Ten - February 2013

Well, I tried.....but only got 7 photos today.  Started off the day at church and then busily working to unpack in my new house (more photos and a virtual tour to come!) just kept me distracted from pulling out the camera.  Maybe I need to set a timer next month?

box o' jewelry.....ready to have this reorganized so I can see what I have!

yummy breakfast - cooked for me by my daddy....sure am going to miss that when I am in my own house again!

sweet nieces at church

tostada....yum (olives to the side to give to Emily!)

many boxes to unpack!

first of many piles of packing paper heading out to the trash

two casualties of the move - and these were packed by the movers, so I'll definitely be filing a claim

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Noodles said...

ew unpacking is no fun! great set though :)

mmcgre01 said...

good luck with unpacking... how fun to have new digs !

Miss G said...

you are such an organized packer! I like the jewelry in ziplocs. Where is your tostada from? Sorry about the casualties. Kelly