Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ten on Ten - August 2012

Well, this month's 10 on 10 found me on the eve of a major move.  Thankfully my mom came and helped me get packed up so that when the movers arrived today, they were almost surprised at how completely ready for them I was. But the move was today, the 11th of August.  The 10th brought final packing and errands before the big day.

one pile ready for the packers to do their magic

the fantastic packers - 2 hours for lots and lots of breakables to get packed up and ready to move - 14 boxes worth!

first errand after the packers finished was to drop off the cable box/modem

lunch with Sarah during our afternoon out

one last pair of new tennies from Run On - highly recommend this great store if you live in the Dallas area

afternoon distraction

first visit to Ulta - the ultimate drug store / makeup!!

yummy supper of pizza and tortellini shared with good friends - I will miss our close proximity Sarah & Katie!

desk is last thing to be totally cleared off and ready for the movers

boxes, boxes and more boxes.....just waiting for the movers to arrive

And then bright and early today a fantastic team of Mike, Duke, Dee and Romero showed up at my house to load all of my stuff into crates on an 18 wheeler to await the direction of my new adventure.  {a special shout out to my friends Sarah and Jamie who kept me company yesterday and today} I'll be heading west in a couple of weeks to be closer to family and will be searching for a new direction of my career, as well as a new home to share with family and friends.  Pray that I'll be following closely the path God has set for me and that the fear and uncertainties will be overcome by peace.


Becky Campbell said...

i didn't know you liked run on! nice shoes!
excited for you and this new chapter of your life!

Sarah B said...

Good weekend to have documented :)Enjoyed being there with you!

Miss G said...

I'm so glad that you were able to document this big thing in this way.

New appropriately colored shoes for the move! :)

You'd never been to Ulta?!

You picked some good places to eat!

love you, friend! praying for you! Kelly