Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eight Years

I've been inhabiting this little corner of the blogworld for 8 years today.....sometimes I wonder why I still maintain this blog.  In the beginning, I blogged pretty often.  The Blogger dashboard tells me that I've posted 836 times over 8 years.  The first 5 years we definitely my most prolific blogging years.  But the last 4 years, I just haven't felt as compelled to blog.  I don't know if it is because Facebook has taken over my time and attention or have just felt like there wasn't much to say that I hadn't already covered.  I do enjoy reading back over posts from the past and will be glad to to have my blog as an online journal of sorts, so I don't think I'll actually stop blogging anytime soon.  My posts have evolved from random musings in the early years to just sharing photos of projects and vacations more recently.  I don't necessarily expect the pendulum to swing back towards more rambling posts because, really, who needs more noise from the internet blaring at them? But I guess we'll see. 

I've made lots of friends through this internet experience - some of whom I've actually met in person! Others are just still my virtual friends but are no less valuable. So thank you for reading....and we'll see where this piece of the internet takes us in the future!


Becky Campbell said...

well now that you're moving away, i hope you keep posting so i can keep up with you...virtually!

That Girl said...

Those blogworld days were fun days. I loved every minute that I lived there. Just like other phases of life, it morphs into another phase. Stay in touch - no matter what!