Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ten on Ten - July 2012

Standby jury duty. Will I have to go or no?  Answer is no!


red on the drive home means it's time to bail off the tollway

one of my favorite satellite stations playing one of my favorite shows!

quick stop for chocolate chips and gasoline on the way home

boxes ready to be filled

yummy sausage balls!!

towels tumbling

catching the end of the All Star Game - bummed the AL lost!


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Sarah B said...

Great pics!! I wanted to do it yesterday, but first day of school made my brain go crazy and no electricity at school meant I had other things to focus on!! Oh well. Maybe next month...

I like that you have boxes ready to go :) And maybe we can sneak some sausage balls this weekend??

Miss G said...

This is one of my caves that you've done! Kelly

BR said...

Your ten in ten was great! We watched the all star game too, but my husband is a st.louisan so we were happy w the turn out. How did you know my ten on ten was posted so quickly? How do you follow? Or did u just get lucky? I'm trying to figure out how to efficiently follow blogs. Been using blog lovin and like that so far ...