Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten on Ten - April 2012

Another workday Ten on Ten....just so hard to be inspired to take photos while I'm at work.  Since my job is very cyclical, each month holds the same tasks around the same time.  So, not only is it just that work isn't fun to photograph, I'm even doing the same thing each time!  So, very few photos through the day and more in the evening.

I do have pretty bed pillows, but the bed rarely gets fully made in the morning. So these live in a box beside my bed.

pseudo ROYGBIV - in highlighter fashion

view to the west out my office window -- with the new Margaret Hunt Hill bridge spanning the Trinity River in view

train graffiti - as seen on the way to dinner

interesting sculpture in Addison Circle

sushi - it's what's for dinner!

Rainbow, Philadelphia and Spider rolls.....yum!!

great idea for upcycled kitchen utensils -- unique decorations!

knockout roses in my front flowerbeds

desk vignette.....pencil holder from an early elementary school teacher, framed scripture from the ACU College of Business, a hand-tooled leather hair tie made by my cousin Randy when he was in high school and I was very young, a glass bluebird gifted to me by sweet Tonie Scott

(all photos taken with iPhone 4S and the Instagram app)

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the Whitelaws said...

I love to see your day no matter what! Did you know they took the "I" out of ROYGBIV? So, you actually did get it right with your highlighters. And, sushi - you've come a long way my friend! It seems the tables have turned and you may have to convince me to try it. Love you.

Timothy Burkhalter said...

You, Emily, and I need to meet sometime to photograph together...I like the post!

Angel said...

Really pretty photos!
Looks like a REALLY busy day.
The view out of your office window is wonderful.
And the roses...wow, what a great scent to walk outside to!