Sunday, January 29, 2012

New sewing machine

So, I asked you guys a few weeks ago if you had any recommendations for me for a new sewing machine.  I also put the question out on Facebook and got several responses there as well.

I ventured into a local machine/fabric shop 3 weeks ago and spent about an hour with Nancy who gave me lots of good information.  They primarily sell Pfaff and Babyloc machines, though have recently become a Viking dealer as well.  Her recommendation was a Pfaff.  German made. Solid metal construction.  A machine that will last.  Even though I went in asking about a basic mechanical machine, she showed me their base electronic line as well.  I walked out that day lured by the technology of the electronic machines, but just not sure I wanted to spend that much money.  That same afternoon, I headed to the Bernina store as those had also been highly recommended.  I didn't get the same good feeling being in the Bernina store, everything they carry is MUCH higher in price and they didn't even stock the machine I was most interested in.  Suffice it to say, I wasn't impressed.

So, after visiting JoAnn last weekend and perusing the electronic Viking machines, I headed back to The Fabric Affair, my local shop.  Talked some more, asked more questions. Still undecided.  Came home and spent some time on the phone with my folks and finally decided to stick to my original plan to get a basic, no major frills machine.  Even though I *think* I want to get into more projects, whether I do or not remains to be seen.  And this machine still does WAY more than my old one.  My old machine was a pioneer of the electronic machines, but has started to die and only will only sew straight stitches now.

Yesterday, after spending the morning playing in the park and visiting turtles/ducks at Northpark with Kelly, Adrian & David, I headed back the The Fabric Affair and pulled the trigger on my new machine.....the Pfaff hobby 1142.  At the store, Nancy unboxed my machine and taught me how to thread it and wind a bobbin.  Practiced a couple of stitches, then I was off and ready to go!

And today, I decided to break it in!  Sewed a couple of burp cloths for a girl at church. While I was out yesterday, I also picked up a few fat quarters of fabric to just play on.

So, here's to new projects!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten on Ten - January 2012

Well.....not actually 10 photos today. I forgot my camera, it was a typically routine workday {aka boring} and I'm battling sickness.  So, 7 out of 10 is better than nothing, right?

new water cup for work

papers galore!

new-to-me Kindle - with case that mom helped me make over the holiday


time to go home

hot cider and my favorite afghan

researching backsplash ideas

Now, I'm off to an early bedtime. I'm hoping to kick this cough soon - I'm tired of feeling my toenails come up.

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Laundry room mini-makeover

I've been struggling with a messy laundry room for a while.  While I am very thankful to have a laundry room, it is a strange shaped and very awkward room.  The main issue was, as my mom pointed out when she was here before Christmas, my shelves were way too small.

Here is the before....yikes!

The during......that box was way harder to open that it should have been! 

stuff spread up and down the hallway.....

.....and the after!  Much larger shelves fill the space better and make more room to spread things out and store like with like.  And even room if some things from elsewhere in the house need to find a new home in here.