Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - December 2011

I've made it through a whole year of 10 on 10!! Such a fun way to document my happened to be a Saturday which is inherently more interesting than a typical work day.  PLUS, today was a busy, busy day getting ready for my annual Christmas party.

8ish - handblown glass snowman bought at an outdoor market in Canmore,AB on our summer vacation!  his orange hat blends quite well with my bedroom decor

9ish - putting away dishes before getting started for the day

10ish - sausage balls ready to bake -- 3 batches made!

11ish - Santa supervised my baking today

12ish - my leftovers from Jamie's birthday dinner last night for lunch.  Yum!

1ish - red oak tree outside my kitchen window

2ish - chopping chocolate for toffee

3ish - love, love, love my KitchenAid mixer. it gets heavy use this time of year

4ish - one of my favorite Christmas films "White Christmas" playing in the background as I cook

5/6ish - heading out to a holiday party!

It was a very full day -- thanks for coming along for a visit!

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BECKY said...

Totally digging those heels!!!

Shannon said...

Love all the Christmas in your Ten On Ten! Hope you had a great night :)

Miss G said...

oh man i miss you and your house and your party and your food! This kind of sort of made me feel like I was there though. The new orange bedecked snowman is super cute! Perfect!

I love White Christmas too and especially that scene.

LOVE the outfit! Kelly

Jenni said...

thanks Becky!! comfortable they are not....but I'm willing to sacrifice occasionally for fashion! :-)

☞ Monique said...

Really great pics. Love the snowman.

Bethany said...

I'm jealous of your lunch and your super cute party outfit! Looks like your day was just as busy as mine!

the Whitelaws said...

Those shoes are HOT! Too bad I can't whistle!