Thursday, December 15, 2011

Post-party crash

I fully intended to get a party recap up yesterday, but it was all I could do to put away dishes and get the photos off my camera before I crashed after work.  But, knowing you are all waiting on pins and needles (ha!), here is the annual party debrief.

the table....decorated and ready for food!

hot drink station - too bad it was in the 60s on party day!

the heavy laden table

three sweet friends - Holly, Bonnie and Jamie

more party guests

Martha and Deen

singing friends!  Linda, Randy and John

cousin Karen made it for the first time!
so fun to show off my house and catch up with her!

the aftermath - almost doesn't look like we made a dent!

and the dishes....clean and waiting to be put away

Slightly smaller than usual turnout - only 33 this year. But it was still a very fun party.  And I've got lots of leftovers to enjoy, as usual!

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the Whitelaws said...

Actually, I was really waiting for pictures! Still hoping that someday I'll be able to make it.