Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sewing Machine Recommendations?

This question is for all my sewing friends.....posted the question on Facebook as well, but I'm guessing I have a different audience here in blogworld.  

I'm in the market to replace my dying Singer (that was my grandmother's). I need a basic, reasonably priced machine - preferably not computerized. I'd like it to be sturdy with metal parts and gears inside (if possible) rather than made full of plastic. I don't need lots of fancy stitches and want one that is easy to operate/maintain that has a good track record and will last a long time.  Mom & I saw a demo of a Husqvarna Viking machine at JoAnn that seemed like a good option, but I'm trying to cover all my bases. 


Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Decor Tour

I take photos of my Christmas decor every year.....mostly to make it easier to decorate the next year!  Of course, some things move around and others are retired to make room for new pretties, but for the most part, once I figure out a good scheme, I stick with it.  

I've recently fallen down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest and there are TONS of fun decor ideas.  I took one inspiration shot and incorporated it into my decor this year.  And since I know I get ideas from other folks (and some blogs I read are having decor linky parties), here are some shots of my 2011 decorations.

front porch....the tree lights up at night

Santa welcomes you to step on his face as you walk in the front door

guest bath - the window decor is the Pinterest inspired piece this year

guest bedroom - the pipe cleaner tree reminds me of the Charlie Brown tree

master bedroom - finally found the right decor for over the windows!

the reason for the season

office decor - love my new folded star pillow made by my mom and gifted to me last year for Christmas

top of my desk - love the new silver tree!

living room - entertainment center

still using the skinny tree I purchased in my apartment - and it still fits so well in my home! very eclectic mix of vintage and modern ornaments

bookshelves - many vintage books that bring back such fond memories

trellis above the cheap felt ornaments!

Merry Christmas - from my German roots

my nieces/family - pics from last Christmas on the fridge, but they make me smile

snowman cookie jar sitting on my recipe box

And there, in a nutshell, is my home decorated for Christmas.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Post-party crash

I fully intended to get a party recap up yesterday, but it was all I could do to put away dishes and get the photos off my camera before I crashed after work.  But, knowing you are all waiting on pins and needles (ha!), here is the annual party debrief.

the table....decorated and ready for food!

hot drink station - too bad it was in the 60s on party day!

the heavy laden table

three sweet friends - Holly, Bonnie and Jamie

more party guests

Martha and Deen

singing friends!  Linda, Randy and John

cousin Karen made it for the first time!
so fun to show off my house and catch up with her!

the aftermath - almost doesn't look like we made a dent!

and the dishes....clean and waiting to be put away

Slightly smaller than usual turnout - only 33 this year. But it was still a very fun party.  And I've got lots of leftovers to enjoy, as usual!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - December 2011

I've made it through a whole year of 10 on 10!! Such a fun way to document my happened to be a Saturday which is inherently more interesting than a typical work day.  PLUS, today was a busy, busy day getting ready for my annual Christmas party.

8ish - handblown glass snowman bought at an outdoor market in Canmore,AB on our summer vacation!  his orange hat blends quite well with my bedroom decor

9ish - putting away dishes before getting started for the day

10ish - sausage balls ready to bake -- 3 batches made!

11ish - Santa supervised my baking today

12ish - my leftovers from Jamie's birthday dinner last night for lunch.  Yum!

1ish - red oak tree outside my kitchen window

2ish - chopping chocolate for toffee

3ish - love, love, love my KitchenAid mixer. it gets heavy use this time of year

4ish - one of my favorite Christmas films "White Christmas" playing in the background as I cook

5/6ish - heading out to a holiday party!

It was a very full day -- thanks for coming along for a visit!

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

11th Annual....

If you are in my area, you are invited!