Saturday, October 29, 2011

Work trip

This past week I took my semi-annual trip to the field for work.  One of the cons of this trip is the EARLY schedule.....flight leaves at 6 am. One of the pros is that we fly on the company plane, so we can arrive at the terminal at 5:55!  And since we fly into an airport much closer to our offices, it becomes an extremely productive 2 day trip.

view from the sky as we take off

beginning of the sunrise from above the clouds

on the ground in Goodland, Kansas

my job for the trip.....counting, counting and more counting!

a front blew in during the night and we were greeted with 4-5 inches of heavy, wet snow the next morning - glad I got all my counting done on day one!

view of the inside of the plane before we left to come home

icy, wet crystals on the windows

clouds on the way home

and back to the city......


Sarah B said...

How fun to see snow...and then get to leave! And that jet looks snazzy :)

Karen said...

My niece's husband grew up in Goodland, Kansas.