Wednesday, August 10, 2011


No Ten on Ten today......didn't remember until well into the day that it was even the 10th and by then I just didn't want to take more pictures of my desk.  September 10 is on a Saturday, so maybe I'll be motivated that day.

But, I did want to show off a project that I finished up tonight.....cupcakes in a jar!

Evening project! Yummy cupcakes in a jar.

The inspiration for this project came from my sweet friend Kelly ..... she made these fun treats as hostess gifts for her church wedding shower several years ago.

Why was I making them you ask?  Well, a few months ago I was invited to join the donor council at the blood donor center where I routinely donate platelets.  It is our job to help promote our donor center and support the staff.  Tomorrow night, in lieu of our monthly meeting, we are providing dinner for the blood center staff and I signed up for dessert.  Thought it would be fun to do something creative and unique.  

Up next.....vacation photos from beautiful (and cool!) Canada.

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