Sunday, August 21, 2011

99 years

This weekend my family gathered to celebrate my Granddaddy's 99th birthday. Decided that we needed to attempt family photos.....thankfully, my parents have a great oak tree in the front yard which provided ample shade for our photos.

This collage is just a bit of setting up and getting settled.....

Three sets of 10 shots each yielded one pretty decent shot, with good expressions and smiles on everyone's faces and all the kids looking at the camera!

Then we got Granddaddy with his 6 great-grandchildren: Emily, Lindsey, Reagan, Anna, Andrew and Amy.

One of the hardest shots to get was actually of the grownups! Probably because we didn't take too many shots and just assumed that one would be good.

All the grandkids with spouses. Back: Blake (Lianne), Heather (Phillip). Front: (Robert) Lauren, Granddaddy & me.

Finally a family shot of just us with Granddaddy. Not quite all of us looking quite perfectly at the camera, but it is pretty good.

After the posed shots in the yard, we headed into the house to 1) cool off 2) eat lunch and 3) have dessert and open presents!

Granddaddy's favorite Lemon Chess Pie!

Granddaddy, we love you and are so happy to still have you with us!

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