Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - July 2011

putting on my face for church

ready to go!

evidence of yard work completed yesterday - a trimmed up crepe myrtle tree

a new favorite place for Sunday brunch after church

I've been having ant problems - specifically in my bedroom (and occasionally in my bed) - ick! hopefully this will help.

reconciling my credit card statement - and discovering a duplicated charge! definitely worth the time to take the effort

guess I need to put away my shoes, huh?

afternoon movie ..... "New Moon"

ugh - 99 degrees at 7 pm!

dinner with friends (after much scheduling and rescheduling!) - such a fun evening and worth the hassle to get it in the books


Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

The shoe pic looks familiar! I rarely put mine away... ;-)

Jim said...

Emily would have a ball in your shoe pile! Of course, she would wear you out asking if she could change shoes.

Sarah B said...

Well, your shoes are cuter than mine, but I do have a similar "pile". What is it?? Good pics - especially for another Sunday. I'm waiting (to remember) to do it on a non-Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

Whew! 99 degrees at 7pm! Makes me glad that I don't live in Texas anymore.;-) (But in mid-February, I might have an attitude change. :-))

Karen said...

The shoes out must run in the family. My floor gets to looking the same way. If I had a whole wall of cubbies for each pair, now that would be an easy way to put them away. I have one carosel shoe stand when I'm at Kathy's and two long holders hanging inside the closet door.

Karen said...

The one on the closet door is at my house.

Linda said...

U R A cute lady