Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Project

So, in the new bedroom configuration, my old bedside table isn't really cutting it anymore in terms of scale.  I've been on the hunt for something new and a few weeks ago a friend at church let me know that she had *two* that I could have for free!!  So, I brought them home and after trying them each out for a few days finally settled on which one I wanted to keep (the other will go to the church youth group garage sale).

Today was repaint the bedside table project day!  Enjoy the progress.....


after sanding, one coat of primer -- not sure it was really necessary, but oh well, it's done now

after two coats of black paint

testing out possible knobs

 The knobs options a little closer....any thoughts?

Other things accomplished today: finished and wrapped two baby presents, cleaned out my stash of vases and am sending several off to the youth garage sale, collected other items for donation, straightened the house.  Now to relax a bit more.....

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Miss G said...

I like! I think I need to see the knobs in context of the room though. Kelly