Friday, March 11, 2011

MCP 10/52

Theme: Childhood Toys

My mom has kept lots of our old toys and my nieces are taking full advantage. But here, 180 miles east of my parents' house, I don't have too many of my childhood toys.  However, I do have my favorite doll.  As far back as I can remember, Honey was with me.  I even loved off her first set of clothes, and my mom, being the fantastic seamstress that she is, sewed a new outfit directly on to Honey's little body.  She is battle weary and has ears full of blue ink, but I guess it just proves how much I loved her.


Karen said...

This probably won't surprise you, but Kelly had that exact same doll and she was also well loved. I just wasn't as talented a seamstress as your mom so she still has her original yellow clothes. I have to check and see if we still have her. Great photo.

Miss G said...

I do love that we both have this! Kelly