Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ten on Ten - February 2011

slippers purchased at a kiosk in Bryant Park, New York City - Dec 2008 - handmade from Nepal - good to keep my tootsies warm in this cold winter weather

breakfast treat

mailing ready to fold, stuff and mail

accounting vouchers lining the walls in my office - a routine sight as we close the year's books - about ready to file them all away!

music keeps me sane through the day

inside joke between me and a favorite co-worker

large hunks of petrified wood line one wall in our reception area

something to stare at during my daily elevator rides - sometimes the only news of the outside world I get in a day

this table is in the lobby of my building - the building management creates these dramatic and beautiful seasonal displays - beautiful!

heading in to workout for the first time in a while - since last month's 10 on 10, to be honest. felt good to get back to it.  now just gotta keep it up!



Kara said...

I have such a craving for fountain Coke now! lol Great pictures! :)

{Amy} said...

cute slippers and chik-fil-a...yum! : ) great photos!

Lana said...

A day in the life ... Great pictures.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You had me at slippers....and then it was pushed over with chic fil a'. THE best.
Stay warm.

Miss G said...

really great photos! way to go work out. I really like that photo too. it has great texture and the slippers and background behind their purchase is really fun too. hoping to have mine up tomorrow. Kelly

Rebekah said...

great set I love the slippers especially! thanks for participating this month it means so much!

Angee said...

Great pictures! I'm craving a chick-fil-a sweet tea now. Unfortunately the closest one is 40 minutes away :(

Chris Gough said...

I am now feeling self conscious about my messy desk after seeing your neat piles...well done!

Jenni said...

@Chris - ha! you'll notice I DID NOT take a photo of my desk! the piles there on the floor only manage to somewhat tame the insanity of my office.