Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow 2011 & MCP 5/52

from the first "snow" day of the week - Tues, Feb 1

today, Fri Feb 4

Tuesday, our offices were closed and I was home from work due to icy conditions. Wednesday, our offices opened at 10 am, but I worked from home because I just wasn't sure about the driving conditions. Yesterday, went into the office at 10 am and worked a regular day from there on. The highways were good, but side streets, parking lots, etc were still a sheet of ice.  And overnight last night? I'd estimate 4+ inches of the good, fluffy snow at my house.  

About 11:00 this morning I decided it was time to brave the snow:

made a snow angel .....

......gathered snow to make snow ice cream and took a bunch of photos.  One of these photos (not sure yet which one) will be my submission for MCP 5/52.  The theme this week was "Muse" - however, I'm going off-book because I couldn't come up with anything I wanted to shoot that I really felt fit the theme.

I think I'm going to veg on the couch the rest of the day - either watching shows on my DVR or perhaps I'll watch an Oscar nominated-flick or two OnDemand.  And, of course, try to stay warm!!


That Girl said...

I have the same boots!

Heather said...

It would be easier to stay warm if you'd turn your thermostat higher than 58. ;-)

Miss G said...

wasn't it beautiful yesterday!? I love that you made a snow angel and snow ice cream! I brought snow up in a plastic box for David to play with. Kelly

Sarah B said...

Great pics! Hope that snow angel was worth it - all I can think of is WET! :) Way to make the most of it.