Saturday, January 08, 2011

2011 Photo Project

I see lots around the blog world and Facebook about photo-a-day projects. I think it sounds like a fun challenge, but I just can't quite commit to that.  But, when I saw MCP Project 52, I thought....hmmmmm.....yeah, I bet I can do that.   

MCP Project 52 – It’s a way to encourage creativity, make photography fun, and provide a challenge without actual pressure. Participants will sharing their art work and images weekly while inspiring each other.

So, the idea is to upload one photo a week to the Flickr group (which I'll also post here).  The admins will provide a theme for the week (which may or may not be followed) and then will post some highlighted photos.

Without further ado:

MCP Project 52 - 1/52 "around the house"

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Miss G said...

I really look forward to seeing your photos from this project. Great first one. are you doing ten on ten tomorrow? Kelly