Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thanksgiving photos

So, I spent Thanksgiving playing with my new camera....taking lots and lots of photos and a few videos as well.  So, word of warning....there are lots of pics here.

Helping Grandpa load the important diet coke drawer....

Getting tickled by aunt Jenni!

Riding Trigger!  He finally has made the move from Grandpa and Pearlie's house back to Emily's house (only 6 months after she got him for her birthday).

Engrossed in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney. It's about the only show she will watch on TV - which is not entirely a bad thing.

Doing the Hot Dog Dance!! Wish I had video of this one.

Picking our her Toms shoes - we all got a pair courtesy of Grandpa - and so children on the other side of the world got new shoes too!

Heather, Phillip & Emily went to be with his family on Thursday, so we celebrated on Friday.

Emily had a sleepover Friday night and woke up Saturday to help Grandpa bake bread and make waffles.  Yum!

This is Emily telling me she is ready for me to stop taking pictures!!

Taking care of Lambie and Dottie....

Reading with Pearlie!

I've got a couple of fun videos as going to try and post them in a separate post.

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Miss G said...

so fun! Kelly