Friday, December 31, 2010

Fall Into Reading 2010 wrap-up

Things were pretty crazy through December, what with my earlier than usual Christmas party, the anticipation of the arrival of my newest niece, and then of course, heading home for Christmas.  So, I never did get around to blogging the end of the Fall Into Reading challenge.

My list of books to read was pretty thin in the beginning.  And, truth be told, I didn't read anything on that original list, except to finish the book duo I was reading when I started!  So, without further ado, here is what I read this fall:

Even Now - Karen Kingsbury
Ever After - Karen Kingsbury 
God's Gift - Dee Henderson
Before I Wake - Dee Henderson
The Silent Sea - Clive Cussler
Firestorm - Iris Johansen
Just Beyond the Clouds - Karen Kingsbury 
Three Fates - Nora Roberts
Eight Days to Live - Iris Johanson
Plan B - Johnathan Tropper
Kiss - Ted Dekker & Erin Healey
Black Hills - Nora Roberts
Our Red Hot Romance is Leaving Me Blue - Dixie Cash
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson
Bed of Roses - Nora Roberts
Savor the Moment - Nora Roberts
The Girl Who Played With Fire - Stieg Larsson
Born In Fire - Nora Roberts
Born In Ice - Nora Roberts
Born In Shame - Nora Roberts
Cosmic Christmas - Max Lucado
That Perfect Someone - Johanna Lindsey
Happy Ever After - Nora Roberts      

And yes, that is 23 books in total.  I read fast, so sue me!  (and that brings me to a grand total of 72 books for the year - the most I've read in a single year since I started keeping track in 2007) 


That Girl said...

I have read a lot this year. My SIL and I read then ship our books and exchange with each other. That won't be as easy now if I read more on the Kindle. I'll still pick up books along the way but I'm enjoying the Kindle, a lot. Happy 2011!

Jenni said...

I know that I would enjoy a Kindle. However, I really do not purchase many books, so that makes it really really hard for me to justify the purchase. Plus, it is hard to share books that way!

When they come up with a GREAT library system for the Kindle, perhaps I will make the leap.

Miss G said...

Really cool! Did you see my mom's post about reading? Kelly

jennyc said...

Hey Jenni - Did you like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? I got it as a gift but haven't been able to get into it. If you give it a good rating then I'll give it another shot :) Hope your new year is off to a great start!!