Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kitchen painting

When my family was here over Labor Day we talked a bit about me painting my kitchen.  I have a great, updated kitchen....but, still wasn't loving it.  I think because it just felt bland.  Nice stainless appliances and black granite - but the beige-ish walls, floor and light wood cabinets all blended together.  

See what I mean?  B.o.r.i.n.g.

Several months ago, I received a free quart sample of Glidden paint in the mail.  I had to choose a color before they would send it. So, I branched out and chose New Grass Green figuring I could always find something to paint with it.

Talking with my family, we decided that maybe green would work for my kitchen.  So the next weekend, I took a deep breath and committed to painting my kitchen by painting some stripes to test it out.  The lighting in my kitchen makes it very very hard to get good photos, but here's what the test looked like:

I had never in my life painted a room before. I've done a little furniture painting, but never a whole room. I was a little overwhelmed, but at this point, I'm committed since I don't have the original kitchen paint to just cover up my green splotches!

I discovered that taping and cutting in around the taped areas is the hardest - and I should have taped more than I did.  There are a few cabinet door edges that now have green streaks.  Not quite sure how I can get it off now without taking off the finish of the cabinet.  Oh well.

So that first night, I got everything taped off, cut in and one full coat of color on the walls.  Here is the color finished after the second evening.

See those lovely window frames? Bare, raw wood. Never were painted, stained, filled in....nothin.  Lovely.  So, evening 3 included all window frames and trim, as well as fixing spots on the ceiling trim and painting the door into my garage that had been industrial grey since installation when I moved in 4 years ago.  And then one more coat on windowframes/sills and the door and I was finally finished!!

Final pics taken this morning.  It is cloudy and rainy here today, so the pics aren't the best. I'll have to take some more for posterity on a sunny day, but I wanted to show this project off. Flash photos do change the color - but the are better pics. So, I'll show you both versions.

With flash:

without flash:

Either way you look at it, I think it is a definite improvement!! And I can check that off my project list.  Next time, though, I think I'll hire it done.


Jim said...

Great looking.

Sarah B said...

I love the green and white!! Can't wait to see it in person. Great job :)

That Girl said...

When I first saw the stripes of green I didn't really know how I would like it but it is FABULOUS!!!

After all the painting that I have done in the past two years I have a little painting advice - hire it done!

Kathylou said...

Green is my favorite color and it looks great. I love your lights and your refrigerator.