Monday, August 16, 2010

Why You Say It - book review


Why You Say It - The Fascinating Stories Behind over 600 Everyday Words and Phrases
Webb Garrison

(provided by Thomas Nelson Publishers as a part of BookSneeze)

I'm always interested in word and phrase origins - kinda reminds me of the old Paul Harvey radio bit "The Rest of the Story." This book lives up to its title by giving background information on many common words and phrases. Knowing the back story makes it more fun to pull out unusual words and phrases - and helps in completing cross-word puzzles! Anyone who is a trivia buff, enjoys the ability to make off-beat, inane or obscure references would love this book. Organized in groups like "Names and Games," "Why Don't Folk Say Precisely What They Mean" and "Action is the Name of the Game" there are definitely a wide range of definitions. 

Like any other encyclopedic book, the reader can't necessarily validate the information, but what is presented is at least interesting and somewhat plausible. Unless you are trying to get to sleep, it is probably not something that you will sit down and read cover-to-cover. But definitely a fun book to keep on the bookshelf and be able to pull out from time to time.


Jennifer, Snapshot said...
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Miss G said...

sounds like a fun book! Kelly