Sunday, August 15, 2010


The last week of July, the whole family loaded up and left the unrelenting heat of Texas for the cool of the New Mexico mountains.  We went to Ruidoso this year - an easy one-day drive from Abilene. 

Our first day was Sunday.  We enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast at Cornerstone Bakery before heading to church. Definitely would recommend anyone visiting the Ruidoso area to stop off here for breakfast. Huge, yummy cinnamon rolls, unique french toast, large portions.  Since we had a big breakfast a bit later than usual, we weren't quite hungry yet after church. So, we shopped!  There were several large antique stores all together and we explored for a bit and found a few treasures to adorn the walls of Bogie's.  Then it was time to find lunch.....

......Disco Taco is one of those places that you might be a bit hesitant to try from the outside. But Phillip is pretty fearless and helps the rest of us along. So, we dove off the cliff.....caught the breeze and flew! It was a very tasty lunch - tortas, chicken burrito, and Disco Taco plate were all very very yummy.

Monday we decided to shop along the "drag."  Lots of fun stores, more treasures for the walls of Bogie's, stops to pose on a carousel horse and look at the water in a fountain.

Tuesday, we drove up to Inn of the Mountain Gods.  Phillip and I both played a little blackjack - and both of us walked out with less money than we walked in.  But it was fun - and my first time to gamble in a casino!  Of course, Emily wasn't allowed in the casino, so she and Grandpa/Pearlie wandered around the hotel while we were playing. 

Another fun fountain, but Emily was not interested in posing for a picture.  We drove over to Cloudcroft, found a park to eat lunch and play for a bit. 

after our fun at the park, we shopped in town before driving back to the cabin.  Tuesday night we headed out of town to the Flying J Ranch for a chuckwagon supper and show. It was fun - Emily was a little punch drunk because it was past her bedtime, so it was really fun to watch her enjoy the music and dance/head-bang!

Wednesday we went to Seeping Springs trout farm - the easy way to fish! Daddy and Phillip caught 5 fish (one had to go back in) and we enjoyed rainbow trout for lunch!

Wednesday evening we got a treat .... a huge group of deer wandered and lingered right around our cabin grazing along.

Thursday we drove up to Monjeau Lookout. Unfortunately it was cloudy and rainy, so we didn't spend as much time as we might have otherwise.  Still a phenomenal view - even on a cloudy day.

Thursday night we had another treat of watching deer feed around our cabin.  We took lots of pictures -- but it is really more of the same, so I won't bore you with them.

Friday we went to the horse track....but we were too early for any races, so we just moved on.  Spent some time at another playground (some of these pics are actually from earlier in the week, but they are good) and then it was time to start packing up to come home.

On Saturday we loaded up and headed back to Texas. 53 degrees when we left. 100 degrees when we got back to my parent's house.  Ugh.

Is it time for vacation again, yet?


Sarah B said...

Good summary post! Succinct but thorough. Where are the pictures of you all just lying and around and reading??? :)

Miss G said...

wow, you had a very busy but very fun looking vacation! I love that your family does this every year and I love seeing how it's evolving with emily along. Great park stops! Kelly