Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring Reading Thing 2010 Wrapup

Being the first day of summer, it is time now for the Spring Reading Thing wrap-up. My original post (here) outlines the few books I had on my list.

I made it through most all my books and then a few more. I'm still working on Why You Say It by Webb Garrison (one of my Book Sneeze reviews). I am still a big fan of Sandra Brown - good thing she is a prolific writer!

The most meaningful book I read this season was the Five Love Languages for Singles by Gary Chapman. I had heard of the original Five Love Languages book, but hadn't ever read it. This had the same determination quiz, but the stories and recommendations were geared towards singles. Taking the quiz reiterated what I've known for a while about what my love languages are and my parents both took the quiz while I had the book at my house. That enabled us to have a good conversation about how our family operates. More communication is always a good thing!

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Miss G said...

cool! I'd be interested to know what your love languages are. Kelly