Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Plain Pursuit - book review

A Review of Plain Pursuit by Beth Wiseman

While recovering from a traumatic event in her life, Carley Marek takes a vacation to visit her friend Lillian in Pennsylvania’s Amish community. Carley is more drawn to the Amish community than she expected to be, though is troubled by certain practices that seem to be in conflict with the community’s Christianity.

While Carley is visiting, Lillian’s step-son David becomes very ill. A doctor at the local hospital, Dr. Noah, seems to be very interested in David’s care, but is forbidden by the community to intervene in David’s case. As Carley becomes more involved with Lillian’s family, she is also drawn to Dr. Noah. This places her smack dab in the middle of an issue close to the entire Amish community.

While I expected the book to have a happy ending, I did not expect the plot twists and surprises that are more often found in more suspenseful novels. It was a very easy read and I was pulled into the characters from the first chapter (which encouraged me to devour the book in just one day, even at 300+ pages). I enjoyed the depth to which several characters relationship with God was explored and found that I was able to learn some things about my own relationship along the way.

(a complimentary copy was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers as a part of Book Sneeze)


BECKY said...

sounds good! i am waiting on my copy of The Hole in Our Gospel from Thomas Nelson for my next book review. Will look forward to your next review.

Sarah B said...

Book reviews? Interesting. This book looks good, but I continue to be amazed at how many Christian books have something to do with the Amish community. Not quite sure why, but there are some good ones I've read.