Monday, January 18, 2010


So, not knowing how long the Garage Makeover would take, I decided to take off today, since Phillip and Daddy had today off for MLK day.

But, we finished yesterday with a few hours work after the Cowboys less-than-impressive loss, so we had this morning to play. We split up - the boys set off to get Phillip's truck inspected and washed. The girls set off for Office Max (for Turbo Tax), Target and FootLocker (to exchange Emily's christmas present of new tennis shoes). While at the mall, I decided to treat Emily to a ride on the carousel. She actually got two rides because another little girl was riding first. I think Emily enjoyed the second ride more -- especially because she asked for it to run again!!

We picked up Granddaddy to join us for lunch and then I headed back home to settle back in for another busy week. Now I'm catching up on the first two hours of 24 from last night and will move on to the 2 hours from tonight when I'm done.

Back to reality tomorrow......then I'll probably tackle my leaves and possibly reorganize my own garage this weekend!!!

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