Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Plain Pursuit - book review

A Review of Plain Pursuit by Beth Wiseman

While recovering from a traumatic event in her life, Carley Marek takes a vacation to visit her friend Lillian in Pennsylvania’s Amish community. Carley is more drawn to the Amish community than she expected to be, though is troubled by certain practices that seem to be in conflict with the community’s Christianity.

While Carley is visiting, Lillian’s step-son David becomes very ill. A doctor at the local hospital, Dr. Noah, seems to be very interested in David’s care, but is forbidden by the community to intervene in David’s case. As Carley becomes more involved with Lillian’s family, she is also drawn to Dr. Noah. This places her smack dab in the middle of an issue close to the entire Amish community.

While I expected the book to have a happy ending, I did not expect the plot twists and surprises that are more often found in more suspenseful novels. It was a very easy read and I was pulled into the characters from the first chapter (which encouraged me to devour the book in just one day, even at 300+ pages). I enjoyed the depth to which several characters relationship with God was explored and found that I was able to learn some things about my own relationship along the way.

(a complimentary copy was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers as a part of Book Sneeze)

Monday, January 18, 2010


So, not knowing how long the Garage Makeover would take, I decided to take off today, since Phillip and Daddy had today off for MLK day.

But, we finished yesterday with a few hours work after the Cowboys less-than-impressive loss, so we had this morning to play. We split up - the boys set off to get Phillip's truck inspected and washed. The girls set off for Office Max (for Turbo Tax), Target and FootLocker (to exchange Emily's christmas present of new tennis shoes). While at the mall, I decided to treat Emily to a ride on the carousel. She actually got two rides because another little girl was riding first. I think Emily enjoyed the second ride more -- especially because she asked for it to run again!!

We picked up Granddaddy to join us for lunch and then I headed back home to settle back in for another busy week. Now I'm catching up on the first two hours of 24 from last night and will move on to the 2 hours from tonight when I'm done.

Back to reality tomorrow......then I'll probably tackle my leaves and possibly reorganize my own garage this weekend!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Garage Makeover

For Christmas, one of the things on my dad's wish list was a Garage Makeover. He would buy supplies, if the gift giver would plan the redesign and provide the labor. So, my sister, brother-in-law and I decided to give it to him.

At Thanksgiving, I started taking measurements and planning. The garage really was in pretty good shape in comparison to lots of others as both of their cars fit into the garage. It was organized, but there was just too much stuff and space utilization was not ideal.

So, for Christmas, Daddy received blueprints of the plan for his approval and a shopping list. We hit the after Christmas sale at Lowe's and got three new heavy duty shelving units and a couple of sets of ladder hangers.

This weekend, we all descended on the garage and got busy.



We even had a little helper at the end.