Sunday, November 29, 2009


Home again and ready to be back on a routine for a bit....after enjoying a great 4 full days at home with the whole family. Lots of pictures taken, Scrabble games played, and Emily giggles. Here are some photos to recap.

Grandpa and Emily make bread on is a new tradition that he started last year and will do every year with was YUMMY too!!!

Emily and Pearlie (and two dollies) play in a box!

Emily rearranges the dollies' rocking chairs....over and over and over!

and sets them in their chairs in a somewhat uncomfortable looking position! but is SO proud of herself!

Emily was a good helper in decorating the Christmas tree ..... and (so far) has been very gentle with the ornaments!

and finally, a trip to Harold's can see that Emily loved it!!


Lana said...

What a fun and wonderful weekend it was! Emily definitely knows how to stay at the center of attention -- even if she just sits there!

Anonymous said...

She is precious and a joy!

Miss G said...

oh my! I laughed outloud about that poor dollies precarious seating! :)

Your parents are so cute. It looks like you all had a lot of fun! Kelly