Saturday, October 10, 2009


Catching up a bit.....last weekend Heather & Emily came for a visit. It was so much fun!!

The ACU Today magazine features pictures of alumni children in their free onesie that is provided by the Alumni Association. So Friday evening we got Emily dolled up and went outside for a photo was so fun!

Saturday, we boarded the DART train and went to the Dallas zoo with some free passes that I got from work and enjoyed some beautiful sunshine and cool breezes before the rainstorms blew in. I think Emily had lots of fun....course it will only get more fun as she gets older and can really talk to us about what she is seeing!

So, to today....nothing much on the agenda, except heading over to Ft Worth in a few hours for a wedding....still not sure what I'm going to wear since it is outside and it is CHILLY today! Might have to suffer for fashion. We'll see.

But I did do some running around this morning:

  • Chick-fil-a --- treat for two weeks of following WW exceptionally well, and having points to spare this week

  • Wal-Mart --- normal stuff, plus a couple of surprises for Emily

  • JoAnn --- more floral wire to finish a project, plus on sale plastic box to house audio cables

  • Junkadoodle --- semi annual flea market -- some GREAT finds! total $30.....highlights are a glass punch bowl + 12 cups ($4); jingle bell Christmas tree ($4); and safety pin + clear bead lighted Christmas tree ($18)

  • Hobby Lobby --- Sharpie paint pens

(some of my treasures......)


jaime s said...

what a weekend! Lots of fun stuff! congrats on the WW success! Didn't know you were doing that....are you liking it? I am thinking about trying it myself. great finds too!

Cara said...

Love suffering for fashion!!