Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kitchn Cure Assignments #1 and #2

So, I told you here that I've joined the Fall Kitchen Cure hosted by The Kitchn.

First assignment was issued on Oct 16....and I promptly left town. No, not to avoid the concept of cleaning out my fridge, freezer and pantry, but for ACU Homecoming. Emily really enjoyed running around campus before the parade and climbing up and down and up and down the stairs at Sewell Auditorium. Then she enjoyed running and dragging me all over creation at the football game. It was really fun.

So, back to the assignment......I didn't get around to doing it until last night. My fridge and freezer were in pretty good shape, but one recommendation was to really assess spices and such for expiration dates and consider how often they are really utilized. So, I emptied several bottles that were many many years old and finished off a trash bag with stuff from my fridge. I have often wondered what happens to sour cream when it goes bad....does it get sweet? No, the answer is that it grows a lovely colony of mold as evidenced below. I almost dropped the container it grossed me out so much.....ICK!!

Here is my pantry - after:

newly consolidated crackers:

and the pile of boxes for recycling!

Assignment #2 was issued yesterday. We were instructed to de-clutter kitchen tools and gadgets. Now, I'm a gadget junkie, so this was actually a really good thing for me to do.

Here are the de-cluttered items.....anyone want to claim dibs before these get shipped off to Goodwill??

Chopping implements:

  • 1 cup handy chopper (replaced recently, but still works ok)
  • hand grater (pretty sure I've never used and got for free)
  • multi grater (not used in many many years)

KitchenAid mixer attachments:

  • food grinder (inherited from my grandmommy - I've never used and can't imagine why I would)
  • sausage stuffer add-on to the food grinder (ick. that's all I can say);
  • two-piece splash guard (doesn't keep much of anything from flying out of the bowl)
  • juicer attachment (had grand ideas of using this and received it as a Christmas gift - it was so incredibly messy that I only used it once)

Various and sundry other stuff:

  • 3-2 quart pitchers (I had at least 6)
  • a pint container that is hard to use because it is hard to clean
  • toaster (replaced)
  • mason jar style drink dispenser (love the idea, but this one is very hard to use because you release the liquid by turning a screw)
  • George Foreman grill (haven't used in many years)
  • fold flat colander (great concept, didn't work so well)
  • microwave egg poacher
  • wine glasses (received free from Central Market - never used)
  • 5 other wine glasses not pictured (still have a full dozen basic glasses that match - these don't)
  • Pampered Chef oil spritzer + extra pump
  • extra pump for PC foaming soap pump that I tossed who knows when
  • turkey baster (never used)

and after photos of two cabinets that housed a lot of these items.....the before/afters on most of my cabinets are really hard to see progress because everything was pretty neatly organized. but there is lots more wiggle room now.

I think that is enough for now....if you stuck with me this long....thanks! Let me know if you want or need any of my stuff to come live at your house!


Kristin said...

I liked seeing how you organize your plastic storage containers. I always try to keep bottoms and lids together, which neve really works out. Stacking all the bottoms together and placing the lids in their own container looks like a great idea!

the Provident Woman said...

I just cleaned out my fridge. You don't even want to imagine all of the mold I found on things. Ick! I still feel sick.

French Blue Home said...

I might be interested in the Ball Jar-style drink dispenser if nobody has claimed it yet!

Miss G said...

great job! Kelly

Anonymous said...

Our mom had a metal meat grinder but never saw use for anything but slaw. Most brides must have gotten them in her wedding day.

Howard use to make vinison sausage, which is probably why your grandmother had it?

Heather said...

I'll take the pint size Rubbermaid container. I often find I need liquid storage!