Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Progress

So, I'm finally getting something done with my front flowerbeds.....a few months ago I called Brad and he came and pulled out all the holly stumps (remember the bushes I showed you that I conquered way back in May?). And this week we were finally able to meet and start on a plan.

I have been getting home close (or past) dark the past couple of days, so the pictures aren't the greatest, but I can't not take in progress photos.

First, down came the side fence/gate - it was very sad and hard to use. So we are replacing that small section.

Marking the spot for new front bushes.....Brad is going to be able to transplant some dwarf yaupons (I think) from another client that is pulling them out. So, about half price for me. Yay!

Today: fence supplies in and ready to go....

and some of the bushes, just hanging out, ready to drop in the holes!

So excited about the transformation to come.....