Saturday, August 15, 2009


Who ever said the weekend was supposed to be restful?

So, last night I decided to go ahead and start painting that trellis from last was as close to cool enough as it gets in August in Texas, so I set up shop in my garage. See those nifty things under my trellis? Folding, plastic sawhorses! So great. I've been *needing* sawhorses for a while - they just make solo projects so much easier. But, I didn't want to buy big heavy bulky ones. And I think my grandpa made my dad's eons ago - I sure didn't want to do that (or even know how!). So, when I saw these, I knew it would be exactly what I needed.

Another recent find is these Tornado hooks that screw straight into drywall without having to use anchors or find studs. Perfect for my garage. I got a hook for my push broom several weeks ago and it is perfect. So, when I bought my sawhorses, I went looking for hooks to hang them on the wall....voila! Perfect size. Measured the span that would be right (used painters tape to get them reasonably level) and hung them while I was waiting for paint to dry.

See how perfect they are hanging up?? This is why I have a garage. Plus, of course, to house my car.

The other project of last night was to illuminate my gazebo. I've flirted with the idea of hanging lights for a while. Even bought a ton of cuphooks last Christmas intending to hang lights out there (because that is how lights are hung on my parents' house). I abandonded that idea as too labor intensive. Finally, after seeing some cute dragonfly lights on my friend Cindy's patio hung with staples, I decided to just bite the bullet. So, I bought some basic round lights and stapled them up around the perimeter. Yes, I ended up with slightly more length than I needed, but I just pulled out the bulbs from the doubled over section and have them as spares (which is good because I did break one while hanging them!). Ever try to hang lights by yourself? Thank goodness for a long extension cord and electric staple gun!

I also decided to hang one row of cuphooks on the front and use that for seasonal fun lights....these little chinese lanterns jumped out at me and I couldn't resist. I'll probably see what fun lights I can find at Christmas time - and might even see if I can change out every other bulb in the regular string to be red or something.....we'll see.

And on to the fun of today. I unintentionally woke up early and just decided to get up. So, I was out the door about 8:30 to run some errands and find what I could find. Lowe's was the first order of business. I've been wanting a hammock to hang between the two posts in my yard for a while....found one (on sale 50% off!) and got it home, but it was too big. Boo. So that goes back to the store.

Then down to Target to get another string of lantern lights - one wasn't enough. En route to the estate sale that was the ultimate goal, I found a thrift store and scored several treasures. A set of white shelves that are very sturdy - the openings are about 15x15x6 and it is about 30" high. Could be great scrapbook paper storage, except that I have mine stored in other ways. Basically, I don't know how I'm gonna use it yet, but for $4.94, I couldn't pass it up. I also got a pair of ice cream sundae dishes for $1.91.

The estate sale was a bust, but as I was driving aimlessly pointed in the direction of home, I stumbled across many more garage sales. I don't usually stop just because of the hassle of in and out of the car and I'm usually on more of a mission. But today, that was my mission. I found a couple other treasures - a fun snowman to add to my collection for $2 and a ribbon plate for $1. Plus I bought a book for 50 cents.

Once home, I unpacked all my treasures, hung the second set of lights, tried to hang the hammock (which required a trip back out and all around town because I didn't have the right hardware), repackaged the hammock to return, painted part of the trellis and salvaged boxes with chalkboard paint, painted a spot on the bathroom ceiling that was damaged when I had a A/C vent installed earlier this summer, and unloaded the dishwasher.

Now, I am gonna go season my steak for dinner, then chill for a while.....probably pay some bills and maybe run a load of laundry. Maybe I can rest tomorrow afternoon!!


That Girl said...

Looks like a Dress Me Up plate from Southern Living at Home. :)

the Provident Woman said...

Wow! How productive.

Karen said...

I LOVE your gazebo!