Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Annual First Day of School Dinner

Tonight I had my friends Sarah and Kelly over for the second annual first day of school celebration dinner. No, I'm not a school teacher, but they have both been teaching (7th grade math and elementary music, respectively) for around 10 years each! Last year we gathered at Sarah's and this year I volunteered to host. Of course, what I really needed was Kelly's husband, Adrian, to help me hang my trellis! But, whatever the reason, they all came over and we had a great evening.

On the menu tonight was a stir fry mix I had in the freezer, purple juice salad (served in my new thrift-store parfait glasses - found three more this past weekend at the Goodwill store for $0.79 each!), brownies and leftover home-made ice cream. Since they are family to me, it was a very low-key dinner -- which included me making the brownies as they were walking in the door -- very unlike me. I usually plan way ahead!

Here is the couch wall....before:

And as a reminder, this is what the trellis looked like when I bought it:

My amazing trellis-hanger, Adrian! (He really is quite the accomplished carpenter, so this was WAY beneath his skills.....I just didn't have enough arms and hands to do this alone!)

And the finished product, on the will be so fun to see what different things I can do! I painted the solid portion on the left with chalkboard paint, so that should be very fun to play with.

And, of course, no project in my house is ever complete without a new tool or some addition to my hardware closet. You've already seen my new sawhorses, plus I picked up some more screws and anchors. Gotta have the correct parts to do the job right!


Lana said...

Looks great! Know y'all had a good time visiting.

Heather said...

Glad to see you've found a use for the baby food jars! I'll try to remember to keep more for you. Can't wait 'til Friday!

Karen said...

Loved seeing Adrian in our post. He's pretty special isn't he?

Miss G said...

It was such a fun evening! Thank you again. I was about to ask where you got real live baby food jars until I saw Heather's comment. I didn't know they still sold baby food in jars. Kelly

Cara said...

Cute! If you are still looking for something to do with it, you could paint the wall inside the squares a different color to make them stand out more.

Whitney said...

It looks great! What a perfect and unique decoration!