Sunday, August 30, 2009

Panther Creek weekend

Went to Panther Creek this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday and hang out with the much fun.

Emily had pigtails for only the second cute!!

I took Friday off so that I was able to get there in time for their pep rally (it's been 15 years since I went to a pep rally!!!)

Emily LOVED riding over to the gym in her wagon. Mommy and Papa gave it to her for her 1st birthday.

She also LOVED the "buhvs" .... balloons are still favorites!

At the football game Friday night, she was all over the place!! Phillip has to work during the game, but the other four of us took turns letting Emily play and run....

These stairs were a favorite item....she thinks that she can climb them......not quite by herself yet!

You can see here that her current speed is RUN!

Emily now has 6 teeth and is eating pretty much anything and everything.....though sometimes she has to be reminded that she likes something.

We celebrated Mom's birthday ..... she got some fun stuff, including two saucers to replace broken ones from the everyday dishes she's had since their wedding!!

And of course, more family has become a habit almost every time we are all together....


Karen said...

Beautiful family.

That Girl said...

I just can't get over how big Emily is! She is a doll!

Lana said...

Great pictures and recap of the weekend! It was fun!

Miss G said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun weekend! Kelly

Cara said...

Love your necklace!