Friday, July 17, 2009


So, apparently this is post 701......kinda crazy.

I know it has been a while - please don't give me any grief for my brief bloggy hiatus. It's been kinda crazy in my neck of the woods. See, we are having this big project at work to upgrade our accounting software and I have been very very busy. Like working hard and fast and long hours. We finally went live on the software this week and so far, things are going as well as could be expected. Things are working mostly right, but it is a tedious chore to make sure that everything is processing correctly - all my stuff plus everyone elses!

All that to say, that is why no blogging from me lately.....

My family came out for the 4th of July weekend....these photos are a little out of order from the actual timing of events, but that doesn't really matter:

We went to Babies R Us and Emily was able to have her birthday celebrated by receiving a crown and balloon....she LOVES balloons!!

We went up to my office to work on our Family Tree notebook project and Emily enjoyed running around and exploring - especially standing in the windowsill.

We also celebrated my Daddy's birthday (only one week late).....and Heather unearthed these vintage candles from when we turned 5 & 8!

So that's a little catchup on me.....ta ta for to relax this evening and then to go see Harry Potter tomorrow.....

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Miss G said...

I can't believe that Heather had those candles! Wow! That's cool. Kelly