Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hotel comparisons

So, now I am at the Hyatt in Austin. A pretty nice hotel, with a fun feature in my room --- look at this alarm clock (iPod not included with the room)! They have done some upgrades in the past couple of year and now have sleek furniture and a flatscreen LCD TV that is probably 32". The beds are tall and soft. The valet and bellmen practically tripped over themselves to take care of me coming in. The bellman even remembered my name when I came back down to go out for dinner last night!

I stayed at the Intercontinental in Houston earlier this week and couldn't even figure out how to reset the alarm clock so it would show the correct time! For a nice hotel, they could stand to do some of those upgrades that people have come to expect. The TV was an old-style 27" and their reception was awful. The beds were hard and low to the ground. The valets barely spoke English and I wasn't even offered help to my room by a bellman. The towels were nice and fluffy though.

Funny what you notice and come to expect when staying at different hotels.....of course, I am also very accustomed to staying at Holiday Inn Express and that is almost as good as these fancy schmancy places!


Donna G said...

I first saw the Ipod players November 2007...of course I was at the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta...but you are right about some of the cheaper places being just as good (sometimes better)

Miss G said...

I know! We had one in our Hyatt this past weekend too! Very cool! Plus, I don't usually like hotel shampoos and things but I really do like the Hyatt's! Kelly