Monday, May 25, 2009


Emily's first birthday present is finally done!!  Can't wait for her party to pass off the loot!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I fought the holly bushes.....and WON!

So this morning, I worked in the yard.  Mowed, edged, and weeded.  Then the fun began.

When I moved into my house, this is what the front looked like.  See that wall of holly bushes?  They have bothered me for quite a while......they are too big for the house, too prickly, to hard to keep up.  So, today, while it still isn't quite summertime hot, I decided to do something about them.

Here is the pile of trimmings mid-project:

And the view of the house, mid-project. 

And the finished front view......the 7 holly bushes are gone, as well as a sick tree that was being taken over by honeysuckle.  A huge thank you goes out to my neighbor Scott and his son Dylan for helping with the final cleanup.  Scott trimmed down remains to stumps and cut down the tree for me. 

and the HUGE pile of brush remains ready for pickup.

Now all that remains is finding someone to dig out the stumps and prepare it all for replanting.  Oh, and deciding what is going back in.  Something smaller and easier to maintain.  I've got some ideas, but do any of you?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


There is one reason that I really enjoy Facebook ..... reconnecting with old friends.

I have lots of friends from high school and college now living in the Austin area.  One in particular, Marc A, I hadn't seen since January of our senior year of high school.  That is over 15 years ago.

So, when we reconnected on Facebook a few months ago, I knew the next time I got down here I needed to see if we could catch up.  So, tonight I met Marc, his wife Wendy and beautiful boy Benji at Guero's. It was a great time of reconnection over some yummy Tex-Mex food.

Thanks for meeting me tonight, Marc, and thanks for dinner.  It was great to catch up!!  We definitely can't let another 15 years pass.

Hotel comparisons

So, now I am at the Hyatt in Austin. A pretty nice hotel, with a fun feature in my room --- look at this alarm clock (iPod not included with the room)! They have done some upgrades in the past couple of year and now have sleek furniture and a flatscreen LCD TV that is probably 32". The beds are tall and soft. The valet and bellmen practically tripped over themselves to take care of me coming in. The bellman even remembered my name when I came back down to go out for dinner last night!

I stayed at the Intercontinental in Houston earlier this week and couldn't even figure out how to reset the alarm clock so it would show the correct time! For a nice hotel, they could stand to do some of those upgrades that people have come to expect. The TV was an old-style 27" and their reception was awful. The beds were hard and low to the ground. The valets barely spoke English and I wasn't even offered help to my room by a bellman. The towels were nice and fluffy though.

Funny what you notice and come to expect when staying at different hotels.....of course, I am also very accustomed to staying at Holiday Inn Express and that is almost as good as these fancy schmancy places!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank you, Urban Spoon

One of my favorite new apps for my iPhone is Urban Spoon.  If you aren't familiar, basically it is a restaurant finder that works like a slot machine (shake the phone to roll the wheels).  You can set neighborhood, type, and price range.  

So, while in Houston for a conference, I decided to really use Urban Spoon to choose my spot for dinner tonight.  I try to eat at local (or at least not national chains) places and tonight this was my find.....wasn't the best Cajun Chicken Pasta, but it was pretty good.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Estate sale finds

Bought a springform pan for $2. Couple other items of interest, but
will go back this afternoon when they lower prices to see of they are
still there.

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Mowing, part 2

Still no juice to the mower this morning.....guess it is going to get a visit to the lawn mower doctor.....

Planning to visit an estate sale in my neighborhood this morning when it opens, take the mower in, and run a bunch of errands. Make a couple of treats for class at church tomorrow and a Cinco de Mayo potluck for work on Tuesday. Put away clean laundry, straighten up the house.....all just basic Saturday chores.

Friday, May 01, 2009


Well, it has been raining quite a bit, so my yard is quite full of weeds. I was going to mow tonight since it is supposed to rain some more this weekend. Alas, I couldn't get my mower to start. Possibly I flooded the engine. I don't know. All I know is that the weeds will continue to grow while I enjoy a nice evening inside.