Thursday, April 16, 2009

Paint Thinner

So, I think I told you that at the end of last year my offices moved. Our particular part of the company does not completely fill our floor. We share with the building management company and a spare space that the construction company is using for storage (and could become a small law firm or the like later on).

Mid afternoon today, there began to waft through our offices a pretty strong smell of paint. Or more specifically paint thinner. Apparently the workers had spilled a VAT of paint thinner and it was pulled into the ventilation system.

I started to have a little bit of difficulty breathing and a headache (and could actually kinda taste the fumes and feel them in my teeth - weird, I know), but didn't really think too much of it. Basically, I just had WAY too much to get done to even think of going home early. And it wasn't so bad that I really thought I needed to leave.

BUT, our HSE manager pretty much forced us all to leave. Apparently paint thinner fumes are pretty toxic.....and when you stop noticing the smell, it is starting to cause some serious harm.

So, here I am at home now, working, trying to stay caught up....and still feeling the effects in my breathing and some aches in my bones. So strange......

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Miss G said...

uggg weird sorry kel