Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mail-to blogging

I've never taken advantage of the blogger mail-to feature for posting.
Mostly because if I am sitting at a computer to type an email, I can
just jump over to blogger.

Now that I have my iPhone, I'm trying to not sit at my computer in the
evenings and weekends. Plus, I can just type up a quick post whenever,
rather than having to wait until I am at a computer and inevitably
forgetting what I wanted to blog about.

So, assuming this works right, get ready to hear from more often. At
least in fits and spurts.


Jenni said...

Ok, so the spacing is a little crazy, bit I think that might be because I initially sent this to to wrong address and the forwarded it to the right one. Definitely worth trying again.

Lana said...

I'll take "fits & starts"!

Miss G said...

Yea on hearing from you more! Excited to see you tomorrow. Kelly